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Having a business listing will increase your visibility online. You may have various web listings for your business such as on, Google My Business, social media and online travel agent (OTA) websites.

Make sure your listing stands out from the crowd and convert customers with these top tips. You can update your listing yourself at any time by using your Extranet and if you need any help to update your listing please take a look at our handy Extranet Guide.

The importance of accurate information

  • Consistency

    All of the key information about your business should be consistent across all your web listings.

  • Up-to-date contact information

    Ensure that your business name, address and postcode are correct and consistent across all digital platforms. Include links to your website and contact email, check to ensure they work and point to the intended place.

  • Clear opening times

    Clear opening times are essential, especially if your business is in the food and drink or visitor attraction sectors. State if you are closed on public holidays, over the festive period, or operate seasonally. Opening times should be consistent everywhere they are displayed online.

Perfect your web listing

Entice the reader

Your web listing is your shop window. Make the most of the space that you’re provided to describe your business and convert customers.

It’s important to provide information on the different facilities you offer. For example, does your business have parking facilities, have Wi-Fi, cater to the accessible tourism market, or allow pets? What should visitors expect before they visit, for example, is pre-booking now required or do you only accept contactless payments? The more information you can share with your customers the easier the decision-making process will be for them.

You can expand on this with information about all the things visitors can see and do locally – customers are more likely to book accommodation if they know there is lots to do and points of interest nearby. Make things easy for potential customers by using hyperlinks to direct users to other useful websites such as local transport providers and timetables.

Social media platforms

Visitors search for holiday inspiration by several means and social media platforms are a very powerful way to capture your customers’ attention and offer more inspirational contact at each stage of their user search journey.

To add links to your social media channels on your web listing, contact our Customer Services Team at [email protected].

Are you new to using social media for your business, or want to make sure you’ve got the basics covered? Check out our tips to improve your social media presence, discover how to use Facebook effectively and find out how Twitter can help your tourism business.  

Using good images and video

First impressions count and the first image that appears on your web listing should entice customers to find out more. You can display up to 30 images on your listing. It’s worth investing in high quality images of the inside and outside of your business as pictures heavily sway your customers’ decision making. Find out more about the importance of using good images online.

You can add YouTube videos to your listing via the External Links option on the Links section of your Extranet. These videos will then appear in the gallery on your listing, along with any images you have. This could be particularly useful for you to use as a tool to show visitors what to expect when they visit your businesses as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Google search

Ensure your listing uses keywords which match the information that customers would be searching about your product or service so that your listing appears higher in search rankings. In your short description avoid using forward slashes (/) or inverted commas (“) as Google does not recognise these and it will affect your page ranking. Consider search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to increase the number of people looking at your listing. Find out more in our beginner’s guide to on-page SEO.

Location factors

If your business is accessible by public transport, you can tick the specific facility box and describe you are on a public transport route. This information will pull through and display on your listing.

The ‘what’s nearby’ feature on listings works in a 10-mile radius. It picks up other nearby businesses to highlight all the things to see and do locally to help attract customers.

Accommodation pricing and offers

Potential customers can filter their search on by price. By pre-stating your guide price, not only do you stand out, our iCentre staff can search your property and book at the point of enquiry for visitors to our iCentres. You can also add any offers you’re running to your listing. Our advice is to add a date-range so that the offer drops off your listing at the date it expires. Offers are also a filtered option on our search function on

Online bookability

The majority of people now plan and book their holidays online. Making it easy for people to find and book to visit you online is key to converting customers. Accommodation businesses can receive bookings online through their listing – if they work with a web booking engine that is integrated with our site. Find out the range of web booking engines we work with and learn more about how to improve your online visibility and increase bookings. Non-accommodation businesses can add a booking website link via the Extranet. This should only link to a page where visitors can check availability and book online or purchase a ticket.

And finally…

A lot of these tips, although aimed for you to use to enhance your listing, are relevant for all web listings. It’s vital that you check all of your web listings regularly, keeping all information and links updated and accurate. You can update your listing yourself at any time by using your Extranet and if you need any help to update your listing please take a look at our handy Extranet Guide.

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