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Your journey to net zero

Taking action may seem daunting, but we’re here to help you on your way.

This guide has been designed to help tourism businesses at an early stage or starting out on their climate action journey. However, businesses that are more advanced on their journey might still find it useful to incorporate elements of this guide into their current plans by developing more advanced actions. Taking responsibility for your business emissions and activities is a big first step on the road to net zero. This guide will help you on your way.

The importance of creating a climate action plan

Save our environment

Minimise the impact of climate change for future generations.

Save money

Less energy used means less money spent.

Attract visitors

76% of travellers express a desire to travel more sustainably (source:


Prepare your business for the impacts of climate change.

Offsetting FAQ

Offsetting can be a controversial method of reducing emissions, with some businesses having been accused of greenwashing. This is because science shows that reaching net zero will mostly rely on quantifiable reduction of emissions.

Offsetting can have its place as a tool, but only under certain specific circumstances. The backbone of any robust and transparent climate action plan should be doing as much as possible to reduce emissions to allow for a strong net zero transition.

Please use this FAQ to discover some frequently used terms with regards to offsetting. We also have some tips on how to use offsetting in the short term without accidentally committing greenwashing.