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Our marketing calendar for 2023 shows monthly spotlight themes and corresponding key messages. These reflect global and seasonal trends. Spotlight themes inform our "always on" marketing activity through our owned channels. These are in addition to the delivery of brand campaign messages.

We are calling on partners to help us create an integrated customer experience for our marketing audiences.

  • Let us know your priority audiences, objectives, marketing messages and concerns. We will work to complement where possible
  • Are there specific locations, attractions or businesses that could be featured to help tell great stories? We will look for opportunities to include in our marketing
  • Share high quality imagery and video assets with us. We will include in the short-listing for potential promotion

Please contact your industry relationship manager for further information.


While not highlighted in our themes for this year, seasonal content and messaging will happen throughout our activity. These showcase Scotland as the perfect year-around destination and encouraging seasonal spread.

We review the trends on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for any updates later in the year.

VisitScotland's marketing calendar 2023

  • January - touring

    • Touring Scotland responsibly protects our environment and supports local communities
    • Our tours help people discover Scotland’s rich history and culture
    • Touring Scotland is a great way to explore Scotland’s stunning landscapes and nature
  • February - outdoor adventures

    • Scotland offers a wide range of outdoor activities for all ages and abilities
    • Spending time outdoors and reconnecting with nature supports our wellbeing
    • Participating in outdoor activities is a great way to explore new places
  • March - spring breaks

    • There are lots of unique experiences to enjoy in Scotland in spring
    • It can be more affordable to visit Scotland in the off-season
    • Spring is a great time of year for a last-minute break if you need a short escape
  • April - islands

    • Scotland’s islands are stunning throughout the year
    • Scotland’s islands have their own unique way of life
    • Our islands feel remote but are easily accessible
  • May - slow travel

    • Scotland has many new and unique places that are waiting to be explored
    • A slow holiday allows time to travel responsibly and support local communities
    • Your journey can be just as magical as your destination
  • June - iconic Scotland

    • Our legends, myths and stories are centuries old but our culture is modern and welcoming
    • Exploring Scottish history and culture helps people make a real connection with the places they visit
    • Our must-visit places are spectacular, but there are many exciting alternatives to try too
  • July - local spotlight

    • You can easily visit local destinations in Scotland to experience their culture, food, events and more
    • Local communities are a great source of tips & advice on how to responsibly explore their part of Scotland
    • Stay longer to really experience what a local community has to offer
  • August - wellbeing

    • Scotland supports unique experiences that will refresh your soul
    • Spend quality time with fellow travellers and get to know local Scots on your break to Scotland
    • It's not just spas and forest bathing - there's a lot more to enjoy
  • September - city breaks

    • Our cities are perfect for a mid-week or weekend break at any time of year
    • Scotland’s cities are easy to get to and get around, and you can easily access the nearby countryside too
    • There's plenty to do in our cities for all ages
  • October - landscapes & wildlife

    • Scotland’s landscapes are unique and breath-taking
    • Scotland’s cities have beautiful natural spaces
    • We want to help protect and restore Scotland’s landscapes and nature for future generations
  • November - short breaks

    • It is easy to get to and get around Scotland
    • Scotland offers amazing luxury experiences
    • It's easy to plan a last minute break with our help
  • December - looking towards 2024

    • Scotland is a year-round destination, with things to do for all kinds of ages and interests
    • Events are a great way to experience the local community and meet local people
    • Start planning your break for 2024 - we've got lots of ideas to help you with our events and seasonal calendar

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