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This page provides information and resources to help event organisers on how to deliver a sustainable event in Scotland. You will also find information and tools to help events meet accessibility requirements.

At EventScotland, we commit to:

  • support Scotland's transition to a low carbon economy
  • ensure tourism in Scotland is inclusive
  • ensure tourism contributes to thriving communities
  • support the protection and considerate enjoyment of Scotland's natural and cultural heritage

1. Sustainable events

Environmental change is one of the biggest challenges facing the events and festivals sector.

Event organisers face pressure from all sides. They have the desire to act responsibly. But they also want to deliver events that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Many event organisers have responded positively to the challenge. Nowadays, they're high-profile ambassadors for the innovation that drives sustainability across the sector.

We are pleased to work in partnership with Business Energy Scotland. Together, we support our events and festivals sector in the development and delivery of sustainable events.

Advice is available to event organisers and suppliers in our latest practical guide. It provides a useful overview on how to plan and deliver environmentally sustainable events.

Environmentally sustainable events guide

Published September 2019

2. Accessible events

Our inclusive and accessible events guide can help anyone involved in organising events. This is regardless of the size, nature, or location to create a fully accessible digital, hybrid, or in-person event.

Accessible events guide

Published November 2019

3. Further event resources

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