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Policing at events

EventScotland regularly talks to Police Scotland in relation to Scotland’s events and festivals. Torquil MacLeod, VisitScotland’s Senior Industry Development & Engagement Manager, coordinates this relationship.

Engaging with Police Scotland

Police Scotland’s approach to events has changed in recent years, including, where appropriate, the introduction of cost recovery from event organisers for the deployment of officers and resources in the planning and delivery of their events.

Event notifications

It is important that event organisers, landowners and Local Authorities engage with Police Scotland at the earliest opportunity to allow for appropriate support to be provided to maximise public safety at events. Further detail, including contact email addresses and costs, is available on the Police Scotland website.

Parades and marches

It is Police Scotland’s role to support local authorities, in their decision making as to whether a parade or march goes ahead. When authorised, any relevant police response is planned in partnership with all other stakeholders.

Cultural approach

Police Scotland has a code of ethics which sets out the standards the organisation expects from all who contribute to policing in Scotland. This code of ethics underpins all decision making and activity, comprises of integrity, fairness, respect and human rights, and applies to the event planning process as it does any other police function.

Cost recovery

The Scottish Police Authority reviews charges for the provision of police services, and these are applied each year on 1 April. These charges are reviewed in line with guidance provided by the Scottish Public Finance Manual.

Who should you expect to meet?

During the planning process of an event, organisers are likely to meet and work with officers and staff from Police Scotland, of varying ranks and locations. Each event with police involvement will have an allocated police planner, supporting and co-ordinating engagement with partners and the delivery of the event itself. Depending on the scale of the event, a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) may be established by a local authority. This is where an event organiser would meet a number of other stakeholders e.g. local authority, Scottish Ambulance Service, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, stewarding/security companies, local businesses, etc.

Police versus local authority versus event organiser roles

Police Scotland work closely in support of local authorities and event organisers, and vice versa, on many issues. Event organisers should be aware that some matters which appear to be the responsibility of one organisation, may be that of the other. Green and Purple guides should be referenced (eg event security may be seen as responsibility of the police, however this is something that would come under the remit of an event organiser, with support from Police Scotland).

Temporary traffic regulation order and road safety

It is the responsibility of the event organiser/landowner to apply for any Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) required relating to the running of event. This can be achieved via contact with the relevant local authority. There are statutory notification periods required, therefore contact should be made at as early a stage as possible.

Protect UK

The Counter Terrorism Alliance is a ground-breaking partnership, bringing together the knowledge of policing, the private sector and public sector, to better inform businesses and the public on the threat of, and the best practices to mitigate against, terrorism.

This central hub for counter terrorism and security advice provides:

  • The latest information and guidance
  • Security risk management support
  • Award-winning Action Counter Terrorism (ACT) awareness e-learning courses to bolster security knowledge
  • News updates on the world of counter terrorism, threat analysis, and on the ProtectUK platform
  • Access to live or pre-recorded webinars featuring advice from authoritative voices within the industry
  • More information and guidance on protective security around publicly accessible locations

For full access to the ProtectUK platform and to receive updates on the latest counter terrorism advice and initiatives.

Downloading the app onto personal devices is also encouraged, particularly for those who are working at events or visitor locations where they don’t have access to work mobile devices.

For businesses seeking further counter terrorism advice please contact:

Edinburgh Counter Terrorism Security Advisors –

Glasgow Counter Terrorism Security Advisors –

Dundee Counter Terrorism Security Advisors –

Aberdeen Counter Terrorism Security Advisors –

Inverness Counter Terrorism Security Advisors –


Further security information and advice

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