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Industry guidance

What is responsible tourism?

Responsible tourism is all about a collaborative approach for re-building and growing the value of tourism. It does so in a way that makes better places for people to live and visit in every corner of Scotland. It maximises the positive benefits of tourism for everyone. This includes host communities and the environment.

What is VisitScotland's approach to responsible tourism?

Our approach to developing responsible tourism in Scotland focuses on four priority areas:

  1. supporting Scotland’s transition  to a low carbon economy
  2. ensuring tourism and events in Scotland are inclusive
  3. ensuring tourism and events contribute to thriving communities
  4. supporting the protection and considerate enjoyment of Scotland’s natural and cultural heritage

Why is responsible tourism important?

Tourism is a force for positive change. It can sustain communities and the economy by:

  • creating jobs
  • tackling depopulation
  • improving the well-being of everyone who experiences it

We have a duty of care to protect our assets for the future. These are so vital to Scotland’s brand and make the country so unique. A responsible approach to tourism helps:

  • Scotland’s world-famous beauty and communities thrive
  • good growth while minimising any negative impacts

Responsible tourism has a wide range of benefits:

  • providing all visitors with enriching and memorable quality experiences
  • building business resilience and supporting their success
  • benefiting and enhancing our communities and the environment