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Scottish tourism is constantly evolving, with exciting new trends emerging each year.

Based on continuous horizon scanning methods, our annual trends reports are designed to inspire those in the tourism industry to think about its future and how to benefit from engaging with these developments.

Scroll down to see our latest trends paper for 2020 - Travelling towards transformational tourism.  You can also find previous annual trends papers on topics including wellness, digital trends, wild camping and mod-stalgia.

Latest Trends Papers

  • Travelling towards transformational tourism

    Our 2020 Trends Paper will be an opportunity to look ahead to the mega drivers that will influence tourist behaviour for the next ten years. We will also be reviewing the period from 2010 and how behaviours have changed. For this year our annual trends explore the main theme underlying consumer decisions: sustainability.

    2020 Trends

    Published February 2020

  • Wellness, the art of now, sensory tourism, new society norms

    Many countries are increasingly marketing wellness as part of their product portfolio. With Scotland's abundant assets of natural landscape, culture, food & drink and heritage, combined with a varied and vibrant tourism industry, we are well-placed to embrace and capitalise on the global movement that is wellness tourism.

    2019 Trends

    Published January 2019

  • Còsagach, elemental tourism, digital trends

    For those who come to Scotland to do one of the many outdoor pursuits, having a warm and snug place to come back to after a long and tiring day completes the visitor experience. Scotland's varied and picturesque landscape, as well as its diversity for activities during the different seasons, allows it to be a 365-day-a-year visitor destination.

    2018 Trends

    Published November 2017

Earlier Papers

2017 Trends

Published November 2016

Wild camping, non-traditional tourism businesses, Scotland’s dark side and more.

2016 Trends

Published November 2015

Honesthicity, the #travennialgeneration, overpersonalisation and more.

2015 Trends

Published November 2014

Emotional uncertainty, selective authenticity, value disparity and more.

2014 Trends

Published November 2013

Mod-stalgia, modern clans, calculated risk and more.