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The biggest challenge facing Scottish tourism

We want to inspire future generations to say that Scottish tourism led the way and made a difference in tackling climate change. Scotland is already considered as a leader in the field of responsible tourism. Now is time to take it to the next level.

Tourism is a clear contributor to the global climate crisis, but also stands to suffer its consequences. So, it is now more important than ever for tourism to step up and show how the sector can be part of the solution.

Climate change and extreme weather events have already harmed many aspects of our natural environment. And these adverse effects trickle down to our communities and businesses as well.

How climate change will affect Scotland

Sea levels will rise

Increasing flooding and coastal erosion

Warmer summers

Typical summers in Scotland will be warmer and drier, with greater extreme temperatures

Wetter winters

Typical winters in Scotland will be milder and wetter

Extreme rainfall

Intense, heavy rainfall will increase in both winter and summer

Reduce your carbon footprint

By acting now, your tourism or events business can reduce its operating costs and build resilience. You will also meet the increasing consumer demand for sustainability.

  • Complete a climate risk assessment

    Do a climate risk assessment to see how your business might be affected. Look at what measures you can put in place to adapt to and mitigate the effect of these changes.

    Create a climate action plan.

  • Think about other impacts on your business

    It's important to understand that the impact of climate change is not only about how your business operates. Consider the impact on your customers, staff, and supply chain.

    Learn more about adapting your business to climate change.

  • Share your story

    As well as tackling your own operational emissions, what influence can you have on others by sharing your story? How can you use your influence to foster collaboration and learning, and promote responsible tourism? 

    Learn more about communicating about climate change.

Destination groups and organisations

We're asking the Scottish tourism sector to prioritise responsible, low carbon growth and join us on the journey to net zero. You can do so by downloading our resource tool.

We made this tool to highlight bits of the climate action plan which are relevant to you as a destination group or organisation.

Our net zero resource tool

Published March 2023

This will assist you to develop your own plan, supporting the Scottish tourism’s sector to a net zero.

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