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Online travel agents are third-party booking websites that compare holiday offerings like accommodation. Think, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and many more.

They're trusted by visitors, easy-to-use and appear at the top of most search engines, leading to their popularity. Online travel agents even give visitors the option to book without having to go to your business website. This means that your business risks being overlooked if it doesn't feature on several of them.

They do take a commission from any bookings, only incurring costs once visitors make a booking. So, it's worthwhile to do some research to see if and which online travel agent is good for your business.

1. The basics of online travel agents

We made a video that covers what an online travel agent is and why your business might benefit from having one. It also explains how to pick the right one for your business as well as eight top tips for getting yourself set up with your chosen online travel agent.

2. Case studies - How to use an online travel agent

We spoke with Glasgow City Music Tours and Clydeside Distillery. They told us about how they work with Online Travel Agents (OTA)s:

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