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Scotland, The Perfect Stage

Our events directorate bid for, invest in and support events in Scotland.

We work with partners to grow the Scottish events industry by developing our assets that are the cornerstone of our national strategy Scotland, The Perfect Stage.

The National Events Strategy

Entitled 'Scotland, The Perfect Stage', the national events strategy was produced following an extensive consultation involving the Scottish Government, VisitScotland, the Scottish Tourism Alliance and over 100 active participants from the public, private and third sectors.

The aim of the strategy is to engage, guide and support those involved in all aspects of planning, securing, supporting and delivering events within Scotland’s diverse portfolio, from events of international significance to those which help to support local communities in the country’s most remote locations.

Scotland, The Perfect Stage strategy

Published September 2015

The strategy and vision for the development of Scotland's events industry over the next decade.

A Spotlight On: Scotland, The Perfect Stage

Read our Spotlight On: Scotland, The Perfect Stage 2019. The report outlines a remarkable year for EventScotland.

A plain text version is available to view.

Celebrating 15 years