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The future of tourism

Scottish tourism is constantly evolving, with exciting new trends emerging each year. While we can’t claim to predict the future, we do continually evaluate the consumer environment to get an overview of what new directions the tourism industry may end up taking. That’s why we publish our trends report every year. 

Based on continuous horizon scanning methods, this report is designed to inspire those in the tourism industry to think about its future and how to benefit from engaging these developments. 

Tourism Futures 2069

Published: March 2019

What will tourism look like in 2069? We take a leap into the future and see what visitors might be enjoying on their trips to Scotland.

2019 Trends

Published: January 2019

The art of now, sensory tourism, new society norms and more.

2018 Trends

Published: November 2017

Còsagach, elemental tourism, wellness and more.

2017 Trends

Published: November 2016

Wild camping, non-traditional tourism businesses, Scotland’s dark side and more.

2016 Trends

Published: November 2015

Honesthicity, the #travennialgeneration, overpersonalisation and more.

2015 Trends

Published: November 2014

Emotional uncertainty, selective authenticity, value disparity and more.

2014 Trends

Published: November 2013

Mod-stalgia, modern clans, calculated risk and more.

If you are interested in exploring more about the trends that are impacting the Scottish tourism industry, then you may like to take a look at a report commissioned by Scottish Enterprise, Megatrends impacting Scottish tourism to 2025: opportunities for Scotland, which looks at the future of the Scottish tourism industry from a global perspective.