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A great experience without barriers

Providing advice and support for inclusive practices

Inclusive tourism ensures that all visitors can have a great time without any barriers or restrictions. It will improve the tourism experience for a wide range of customers who may need specific adjustments or facilities. These include disabled people, seniors, families with young children, and those with a medical condition.

Find some top tips, advice, and resources to help make your offering more inclusive and accessible to all. The following are five key focus areas of inclusive tourism development:

  • customer service

  • information provision

  • inclusive design

  • inclusive events

  • social tourism

Benefits of accessible and inclusive tourism

  • Increased revenue

    Disabled and senior travellers spend significantly more when they go on holiday than other market groups.

  • Increased loyalty

    Inclusive businesses have higher occupancy rates. They also have a more loyal customer base who is keen to recommend them to their family and friends.

  • Increased demand

    The market is set to increase as the UK’s population ages. The benefits for businesses and destinations catering for inclusive tourism are also growing.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Becoming more inclusive can make life easier for a wide range of customers. Think of:

    • people with hearing loss, mental or visual impairments
    • wheelchair users
    • senior travellers
    • families with young children

Did you know?

One in four

people in the UK have a disability or an impairment

£274 billion

the spending power of disabled people to the UK economy


higher spend by senior travellers on leisure and hospitality than other age group


of all disabilities are non-visible

Sources: Family Resources Survey 2022-2023; Scope, Barclays, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme 2022