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  • Speaking to people when they're on holiday in Scotland is a great way to gather valuable insight on our visitors’ experience. Our visitor surveys help us understand why visitors take a holiday or short break in Scotland and how they rate their experiences when here.
  • Due to the scale of this work, we typically conduct a comprehensive Scotland Visitor Survey every three or four years. This includes a sample of both domestic (UK overnight visitors) as well as international visitors.
  • The last survey undertaken was in 2015/2016, with the planned 2020 survey postponed due to the pandemic. We're now conducting the Scotland Visitor Survey 2023.
  • The visitor survey will allow us to speak to overnight holidaymakers on the ground in Scotland. We'll then follow up with them on their return home so that we have a full picture of their visitor journey from start to finish.
  • The results of the Scotland Visitor Survey 2023 will be available in 2024.
Read more about the Scotland Visitor Survey 2023

1. Visitor Survey results for 2015 and 2016

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