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Do you want to offer accommodation bookings on your business web listing? Then you'll need a web booking engine that is integrated with our website.

A web booking engine (or property management system) is a web-based system that allows you to accept bookings online. This system can either be on your own website or take the form of a third-party booking website.

Web booking engines also allow you to amend your offering by making updates to your room availability or prices. These will then be searchable on and visible on your web listing in real-time.

If you have spaces available on certain dates, your business will appear when a visitor searches for an accommodation with that date.

How to display accommodation availability on your web listing

Published July 2018

Computer, Lochend Chalets, Port of Menteith

Selecting a web booking engine

If you’re not already working with one of our 12 providers, the following are some questions to ask before you decide on the right provider:

  • does the provider offer a booking engine for my business?
  • is there a setup fee, annual fee, or any other fee?
  • what are the rates of commission (if any)?
  • do I need to host my website with the provider?
  • how is the booking system incorporated into my website?
  • what payment options (credit cards, PayPal, etc.) can the provider offer visitors?
  • what customer support is available (phone, email, chat, etc.) at which hours of the day?

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