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Top: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam, all rights reserved.
Right: VisitScotland / Luigi Di Pasquale

Industry and consumer insight

The latest industry and consumer information on tourism in Scotland.

With millions of visitors each year, the economic contribution they bring and the way they spend their time here – there’s a lot about Scotland’s ever-evolving tourism industry that deserves to be examined and understood. This section of our site is dedicated to bringing you fascinating, digestible and relevant information on these and other sides of our industry.

In today’s rapidly changing world, having an informed outlook is vital. We cover a wide range of topics, regions and areas of business for you to drill down into and find out more about who our visitors are and what’s important to them. Exploring everything from our markets to emerging trends, we want to offer you a better understanding of the industry whether it’s to find out more about your area, to use in your business plan or even if you’re here out of curiosity.

Businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors are increasingly sensitive to consumer trends and economic conditions so it’s important that you know what’s on the horizon.

Our Insight team combines consumer perspectives with industry knowledge to allow Scottish tourism to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. You can benefit from this research as it informs you of:

  • developing trends in the tourism sector
  • current industry performance
  • visitors’ attitudes and experience of Scotland
  • characteristics of domestic and international visitors