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Our five directorates

Discover each one's responsibilities

Meet our five directorates - the Chief Executive's Office, Marketing and Digital, Industry and Destination Development, Corporate Services, and Events.

Chief Executive's Office

This is a strategic support function. It consists of three departments; Corporate Communications, Human Resources and Insight.

They protect our reputation, ensure effective staff engagement and deliver meaningful tourism insights.

Marketing and Digital

This directorate inspires people to visit Scotland. It aims to generate growth by influencing visitors to find, visit and spend with Scottish businesses.

This contributes to the Scotland Outlook 2030 vision of growing the Scottish visitor economy.

The directorate has four departments. They are Performance Marketing, Brand and Global Marketing, Digital Delivery and Intermediary Marketing.

Industry and Destination Development

This directorate develops and maintains relationships with a wide range of partners.

It works to ensure tourism is seen as an important and valuable industry for Scotland.

It has three departments: Destination Development, Industry Development and Information Services.

Corporate Services

This directorate handles the organisation's day-to-day functions. It looks after our health and safety.

It consists of five departments. They are Corporate Governance and Performance, Facilities, Finance, IT and Procurement.


This is the Scottish events industry's strategic leader. It works with partners to attract, bid for and secure major sporting, cultural and business events.

Its three departments are EventScotland, Events Industry Development and Business Events.

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