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Our consumer social media activity aims to make Scotland one of the most desired destinations in the world by reaching new audiences with engaging content they will want to share to help spread the message.

Getting your content shared by us need not be difficult. We're always on the lookout for fantastic, relevant content to share with our audience to inspire people on where they can visit in Scotland. A very effective way for us to do this is to showcase the content being produced by industry, bloggers and visitors.

What works on our channels?

Our audience want something that motivates them to explore for themselves, therefore our content must be genuine and accessible to visit.

We’re not so keen on staged, publicity-styled, commercial posts, or heavily branded or digitally altered photos. We want to show the real Scotland. Images and video that are square or portrait work best for us. We also want to focus on the destination and not any sales or promotional messaging.

We’re always on the lookout for posts that are high in quality, have a location mentioned and have some further information provided, for example:

  • A tip on how to get to the location featured
  • A fact about the location featured
  • Why you think the location is special

How to get involved

Join in our social media activities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Our consumer Facebook page has a global audience with high levels of engagement and mainly uses user generated content (UGC) to show beautiful and inspiring images from all over Scotland. People are encouraged to share their images, videos and stories to the VisitScotland - Your Scotland Facebook group and directly to our wall. These posts will then sit on the visitor post section of our page which we check daily.

Our Facebook

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Make sure you use our hashtags (#VisitScotland and #ScotlandIsCalling) and hashtag the location as well as the region of Scotland. This is also checked daily - but on average we get 40,000 uses of this hashtag every month. Make sure your caption includes key information (location, region, facts, tips) to make it easier for us to find what we're looking for.

Our Instagram

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Add our handle @VisitScotland to your tweets for us to see them. We also check #VisitScotland and #ScotlandIsCalling on Twitter.

We like to retweet to make sure we're giving our audience a variety of content. This must:

  • Be relevant for our global audience
  • Be high quality
  • Mention the location
  • Give proper credit to the owner of the image/video
  • Not have too many hashtags and handles (this can look like spam and put people off)

Our Twitter

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