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1. How a visitor finds your business

If you want to customers to find you in today’s world, you'll need to consider using a variety of channels and platforms. We’ll show you how customers search for tourism businesses in Scotland when they are planning and booking a holiday. In addition, we'll give you advice on how to reach them.

You need to consider using multiple channels, or even them all. This way, you'll ensure you’re maximising your chances of reaching more visitors considering Scotland as their next trip.

Play the video to see how the visitor journey works

Top tip

It’s common for visitors to leave space within their holiday for additional activities, so they may look up "things to do near me" once they are here. Make sure your website offers answers to such queries to offer a better user experience.

2. What is...

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Using keywords, descriptions and more to get your site as one of the top search results for relevant queries on search engines.

  • Social media

    Social media platforms let you engage with customers through content and direct conversations.

  • Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

    Visitors use these websites to book their holiday. They require you to update the prices and availability for your business. They will take a commission, but you will reach more visitors and potential customers.

  • Business listings

    Business listings on are a great way to make your business more visible on our website. They're free to create and manage.

  • Travel trade

    You can take bookings through our travel trade website. You'll need to be fully set up for groups and independent travelers.

  • Mobile friendly

    Your website needs to be mobile-first, so visitors can easily find you through search engines and browse and use your website on every device. When you're desktop-first users might have trouble interacting on other devices.

Top tip

Claim your Google Business Profile. This way users can more easily find your website on Google.

3. Useful links

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