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Why you should share and use other people’s content

It happens to the best of us. We watch an amazing video or scroll through an inspiring article and think to ourselves: ‘I wish I’d thought of that first’. You may think it’s essential to keep your audience on your own website for unique pageviews and time on page wins – and it is. However, sharing content from other places can also work to your advantage. 

Luckily, it’s possible to share inspirational content on your website and social channels without losing your audience’s attention, and the benefits are: 

  • It will improve your relevance and visibility online. 
  • You can build relationships with influencers in the tourism industry and be part of a community of content curators, mutually sharing and benefitting from each other’s content. 
  • Amplifying content about Scotland will spread the love around your social networks and beyond – ultimately inspiring more people to discover Scotland. 

We want our content to spread across the tourism industry as far and as wide as possible. We work hard to produce valuable, creative assets for all corners of Scotland, such as our award-winning Step into the Scottish Borders film.

Here’s a few simple ways to benefit from content that isn’t yours. 

On your website

Increase your time on page stats by embedding some engaging video content. 

Looking over the water to the snow capped Torridon Hills


Embedding videos from YouTube 

  • Find the video you’d like to embed onto your website or blog. 
  • Under the video, click share and then click embed. 
  • Copy the code which appears. 
  • Paste this into the HTML viewer on your website or blog. 

You can also embed YouTube playlists, GIFs or other social media posts in a similar way. Find out more information from Google Support.

Try it with videos from our YouTube channel and feel free to click subscribe. 

Link building

Looking out of an open car window at a highland cow with large horns on the side of a road with the sea behind

It might sound simple and obvious, but making sure that your website is linking out to the most valuable resources will elevate your business, build trust with your customers and cement your place in the online travel and tourism sphere, not to mention improve your on-page search engine optimisation (SEO). 

Don’t forget to link to regional Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) for practical planning, travel and advice about specific areas in Scotland. 

On social media and email

When you find an article, video or infographic that you just know your audience will love – share it. This will encourage conversations and build important relationships between you and your audience as well as with other industry folks. 

We constantly look out for useful content to share with our consumers alongside our inspirational User Generated Content, especially on Twitter. 

Two screenshots of twitter posts that VisitScotland has shared on Twitter

Have you just scrolled past something amazing or important? Pop it in your weekly email blast and give a shout out to the content creator. Or simply send out a tweet or Facebook post with the link or retweet the original post. 

At the very least, let the original poster know that you like their content and found it useful by commenting. A little engagement can go a long way. 

Important to remember

A hillwalker stands on a large rock on top of a mountain looking across a sunny landscape of small lochs and rolling hills to the sea

Using other people’s photos on your website or blog on the other hand, isn’t as straight-forward. Unless you’re just sharing a pretty picture on social media, always ask permission from the owner or photographer. The same goes for copy, all written content is owned by the brand or person who wrote it, so you should always ask first before using it. Also, duplication of content is to be avoided for SEO reasons, so never copy anything from another website verbatim. 

Remember, embedding content can be a great way to get around these issues. By doing so, you’re giving the owner credit and ensuring they benefit from views. 

Don’t forget to check out our Digital Media Library, which holds a huge variety of photographs which can be used to promote Scotland, and it’s regions, as a tourism destination. 

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