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Still not convinced about the benefits of getting your business online? Hear from previous CEO of Meldrum House, Andy Burgess, on the impact a digital review had on the business. 

Nestled in the heart of Aberdeenshire’s tranquil countryside, Meldrum House sits on a stunning 240-acre estate. Today it’s an award-winning four star hotel, but back in the 13th century it was known as Meall Druim, or ‘the ridge on the hill’ which means it has more than a rich history. With ambitions to be established as one of Scotland’s leading golf resorts and wedding venues, the challenge for Andy Burgess was to cement Meldrum House’s place in the 21st century. 

Andy knew that the hotel’s future would be digitally led, but he also recognised the need to make an improvement on the company’s in-house skills and knowledge in order to get things started. 

Things have changed. The way business is done is evolving. Digital and social are now part of daily life. If you’re not there, you’re not in the game.

Andy Burgess

Meldrum House quickly struck up a relationship with our partners at Scottish Enterprise, who helped the business completely overhaul its digital presence. Soon after, the hotel had a brand new optimised and mobile-friendly website, training on how to use online tools such as email marketing and Google Analytics – and most importantly – a digital strategy to help guide the business. 

After implementing these changes, Meldrum House saw a huge turnaround in the nature of its day-to-day business. Thanks to its new website 90% of customer's bookings were made online, freeing up a lot of valuable time for staff. 

The team has access now to a wealth of data and statistics thanks to the new website, allowing them to understand their customers much better. 

Meldrum House's renewed use of social media (as laid out in its digital strategy) has made for a deeper engagement with guests and the wider community. The business has also found success in using social platforms like Facebook to serve potential guests a targeted range of marketing campaigns. 

Andy was pleased with his experience and industry-specific support he received from Scottish Enterprise.

It is good to know that our account manager is at the other end of the phone and always available for help with tourism-related issues.

Andy Burgess

Could your tourism business do with a digital upgrade? Check out our article on the user journey to get some more ideas about what channels you should consider as part of your digital profile. 

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