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Discover what Google Things to do is and why it's useful for your tourism business.

Tourism businesses can now use Google's Things to do to display their ticket inventory and pricing. You'll be able to showcase your products alongside pricing details and booking links in your Google Business Profile. This free service is the successor to Reserve with Google.

In short, it will allow you to reach the multitudes of potential customers searching for "things to do" on Google.

1. Why is Google Things to do important?

  • Google plays an important role in the traveller decision-making process.

    It's the most widely used search engine in the world and often plays the key role in whether a potential customer finds your business.

    According to Google, in the 12 weeks prior to a trip there are:

    • eight times more experiences searches than air searches
    • three times more experiences searches than accommodation searches

    Browse Google's findings in full.

  • Google wants to make it easier for customers to find tourism experiences that can be booked online.

    By using Google Things to do, you can always display the most important information on page one of the Google search results pages. These can be things such as live availability and pricing.

  • Customers can make direct bookings (without an Online Travel Agent)

    You can use Google Things to do to publish your products, ticket details and prices of your direct bookings.

  • Customers can make indirect bookings (with an Online Travel Agent)

    If you already use an Online Travel Agent, product details and prices will be displayed alongside the direct booking option.

2. Quick Google facts

  • More potential customers

    Google is one of the most powerful sources driving potential customers to your website.

  • No costs

    Google charges no commission for a "things to do" link.

  • Easy to navigate

    Things to do guarantees a direct booking link on page one of search results in your Google Business Profile if you're the official provider. If not an official provider, Google can't guarantee you will appear first. It's a quick and easy way for customers to reach your booking page

3. How can I connect to Google Things to do?

There are three free ways in which a business can display a booking link on Google:

Use one of the approved connectivity providers

Going for this option means that the pricing which you set on their booking system will be displayed on your Google profile. It will appear as "official site".

If your booking system is not on the list of approved connectivity partners, then it's worthwhile asking them if they might include it in the future.

Do you use Online Travel Agents to distribute your tickets, tours, activities etc.? Then the information displayed in the booking links section will also show prices from those Online Travel Agents.

Use an approved provider

Link to Google’s Things to do API (Application Programming Interface)

This option will require development capabilities and a level of technical expertise. It's best to look at the list of approved connectivity providers (online booking systems) first.

Link to the interface

The ticket editor

Via your Google Business Profile, you can edit ticket prices, product names and a few other product options. These changes will then appear in Google Search results and on Google Maps.

Changes to ticket prices will need to be made manually (as opposed to automatically with a connectivity partner). Keep this in mind if you're a visitor attraction, tour company, or activity provider that works with multiple booking platforms.

This feature is also known as the Google Business Profile editor tool.

How to use the ticket editor

Use Google Points of Interest

Google Points of Interest is a handy tool that can help you:

  • display tickets that match popular search terms
  • increase the discoverability of your products
  • direct links for a simple customer booking process
Check out Google Points of Interest

4. The do's and don'ts of Google Things to do

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