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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of several tools available in the market to do website analytics. Website analytics involves monitoring the performance of your website to better understand what your customers are looking for and how they use your website. Doing this will allow you to improve the effectiveness of your website. 

Website analytics is the measurement and analysis of data to understand website performance and user behaviour on your site. This allows you to identify which parts of your website work better than others, what your customers are looking for and any issues users experience while navigating on your site.  

What does it do?

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to monitor traffic on your website and find out, for example: 

  • The most and least popular pages on your site 
  • The average amount of time users stay on your site  
  • Where the traffic to your website comes from, such as social media or organic search (results from entering text into a search engine) 
  • Which country your users come from 

Why is it useful?

It allows you to understand your customers’ journey – the customer journey is the process a customer goes through from their first interaction with your brand until their last. Understanding this journey is vital to any successful marketing campaign. 

Google Analytics allows you to easily capture lots of data so that you’re able to see which of your marketing efforts are working, and which aren’t, so that you can adapt your strategy and make better-informed business decisions. 

Free online training resources

Google Analytics is a free-to-use Google product. Google offers online training resources to learn Google Analytics from beginners to advanced. 

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