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This guide serves to provide a reference point for current best practice across all designators within the VisitScotland Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme. This will look at all available scoring elements individually, and provide up to date examples of businesses who have scored 10/10 in the most recent live grading assessment. This will aim to highlight best practice for different scoring elements across the wide-ranging business types.


  • "All available scoring elements" does not include scoring aspects which are particularly visit dependant and changeable – scoring aspects such as staff interactions and cleanliness are not included within this document
  • Where no specific up to date industry examples are available for a particular scoring element, this is indicated within the document, with industry guidance notes reiterated, and where possible "inspiration" photos of exemplary elements are used
  • Please note that all specific examples of 10/10 were correct as of the last live grading visit carried out – there may be some change in standards since that visit, and examples should be taken for general guidance

How to navigate this section:

This guidance is intended to create an easily followed resource for industry. This page is chaptered under the same headings as scoring sections within the Quality Assurance scoring sheets, and aims as much as possible to follow the same sequence of scoring elements. As there are a variety of business types to consider and include there will be some minor differences across the quality assurance scoring sheets (for example where specific tour scoring elements are included within the core experience chapter).

There are also repeated scoring sections within different chapters (for example appearance of staff which appears in arrival, core experience, catering and retailing). These have been repeated in each section in order to replicate the format of the scoresheets as much as possible. There are often slight variances in expectations between chapters (for example appearance of staff for catering would include additional aspects such as aprons) and often catering and retailing can be outsourced products where we would be assessing a different set of policies and standards.

We have an ambitious and impressive visitor attraction industry in Scotland, continually striving to deliver the highest possible quality of experiences for each and every visitor. Not only will this platform recognise and celebrate best practice and the highest of quality standards across our industry, the directory will be a hugely valuable tool, providing attraction operators with an easy to use "go-to guide" on where they can find inspiration and ideas to further enhance their offering for their visitors.

Gordon Morrison, CEO, ASVA

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Want your business to appear in the best practice directory?

Thank you to all our current best practice businesses for agreeing to be published in this directory. If you have a score of 10/10 in an applicable grading element from your most recent Quality Assurance visit, and would like to be included, then please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] so we can add your business to the relevant directory page(s).

We would also like to include a photograph to visually demonstrate your best practice at work. If you can’t see your image featured, then please contact us and we will email you a VisitScotland Permission of Media Use form, which must be hand-signed and returned.