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Introduction to the Chinese market

Much of the outbound travel from the Chinese market goes to countries within Asia, but long-haul travel is increasing. Most leisure travel occurs in groups, under the Approved Destination Status (ADS) regulations, but independent travel (by those who are able) is becoming more common.

Welcoming guests from China

Your guests are likely to have travelling experience to Asia and Australasia. However, because of cultural and language differences, it is a great idea to do something special to make them feel welcome. 

If you are currently receiving guests from China or Chinese-speaking guests from the UK, our downloadable toolkit gives you information on how to welcome Chinese visitors with specific tips and advice for, accommodation providers, attractions and retailers.  

Advice for accommodation providers

Published: April 2010

Includes advice on organising food and drink, useful phrases and a sample welcome letter.

Advice for attractions

Published: June 2016

Advice on guiding, catering Chinese translations and useful phrases.

Advice for retailers

Published: May 2018

General tips, advice on 'Made in Scotland' gifts, tax refunds, VAT information and useful phrases.

Cultural advice for businesses

The following organisations offer translation and cultural advice to businesses, and both are based in Scotland.