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Create memorable food tourism experiences

Scotland’s reputation for food and drink is exceptional. We want to share our world-class products through memorable tourism experiences right across the country and build our profile as a leading global destination for food and drink. 

It's now a fundamental consideration for visitors in choosing destinations and an integral part of their stay in Scotland. In particular, interest in tasting local food and drink with a story behind it is booming and developing your food tourism product has the potential to generate additional revenue for Scotland's economy. 

Use our food tourism industry guide to discover how to create impactful experiences that exceed the expectations of visitors and help you make the most of this lucrative market.

Local Scottish seafood ready to be served at Glenegedale House.

Key food tourism statistics


of international visitors want a destination with a good variety of food and drink options

£489 million

Total spend on eating and drinking by GB residents taking overnight trips in Scotland


of US visitors said experiencing locally produced food and drink was important to them


added economic benefit to a destination from food tourism

Sources: 1. VisitBritain MIDAS Research 2022 2. Great Britain Tourism Survey, 2022 3. Scotland Visitor Survey, 2023 4. World Food Travel Association / 2020 Food Travel Monitor

What is food tourism and is it right for you?

Creating impactful and memorable food tourism experiences can help to grow your business and enhance your reputation. They give visitors a sense of place and help them to taste and appreciate our produce, discovering the place, pride and passion behind them.  

Food tourism experiences can include talks, tastings, tours, workshops, festivals and trails. 

So, if you're:

  • a tourism business looking to add a food experience into your offering
  • a food producer looking to build an experience round your product
  • completely new to the area of food tourism

You should explore our guide and discover how to develop and market a quality food tourism experience that showcases the best of Scotland's food and drink. 


Be inspired by Ballintaggart Farm's journey to create a successful food tourism experience.

The benefits of offering a food tourism experience

  • Increase tourism revenue

    In 2022, domestic visitors alone spent £489 million on eating and drinking in Scotland. Creating unique and bookable food tourism experiences can attract new visitors and increase this spend.  Don't miss out on this additional revenue for your business or the local economy.

  • Support local producers

    Visitors look for authentic experiences that spotlight local produce. Working with local food producers, farmers and artisans not only supports economic growth in the area, it also creates a more sustainable and resilient food system.

  • Promote Scottish culture

    Food is a central part of any culture. Food tourism can help to preserve and promote Scottish culinary traditions, heritage, and regional specialties. It can also educate visitors about Scottish dishes, from traditional to modern cuisine, as well as the provenance of ingredients and the importance of sustainable food practices.

  • Enrich your local community

    Creating food tourism experiences can be a benefit for the local community too. They can help to build community pride by showcasing local food businesses and producers, help to revitalise rural communities and create new economic opportunities. They can also create new jobs in the food and beverage, hospitality, and tourism sectors as well as the supply chain. 

  • Make Scotland stand out

    Scotland already has a strong reputation for its whisky and other food and drink products. Developing food tourism experiences can further enhance this reputation, create a positive image and attract more visitors interested in food and drink tourism.

  • Extend the visitor season

    It’s important we market Scotland as a year-round destination. Having quality food experiences on offer at all times of the year can help to reduce demand during peak season. It will also help businesses to generate income during the quieter months.

Delivered by Scotland Food & Drink Partnership and VisitScotland.

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