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Once you've achieved your Quality Assurance (QA) award, make sure you tell the world! 

Did you know:

  • The VisitScotland QA scheme is an internationally recognised accreditation. International visitors are therefore more likely to look for this reassurance – especially when visiting Scotland for the first time 

  • QA members are 2.5 times more likely to receive visitor referrals than non-QA-members

  • During the COVID-19 crisis in Scotland many businesses have been able to demonstrate their legitimacy and eligibility for government funding and support by using the QA Award which proves business legitimacy, a quality product for visitors, and a partnership with the national tourism agency in Scotland 

  • A QA award can help set and exceeding expectations of your visitors by demonstrating the standards they will enjoy when they visit you.  Almost 70% of the complaints from travellers about businesses in Scotland, received by VisitScotland, are about non-QA members* 
    (*as of October 2021)     

  • Some online travel agents (OTAs) and representatives from the Travel Trade sector may look at a minimum star grading before they consider booking with a business (often they use a 4 Star award as their minimum requirements, and use VisitScotland as a source for ideas on businesses to use for their itineraries) 

There are many ways you can let your customers know you are Quality Assured, and it’s a good idea to cover all basis. You can promote it with pride, whether online, at your business, or in print – providing reassurance to future visitors. 

What's included in the QA membership?

If your award is new, or has changed, you will receive promotional materials by post to display on your premises (e.g. certificate, plaque, window sticker). You will also receive JPEG versions of the award logo that you can use in your own promotional materials. 

It’s a good idea to also show off your award at your business – it may even attract some passers-by as it catches their eye!

To receive the latest versions of your award logo, please email [email protected]

For additional promotional material complete our QA promotional goods order form.


Your QA award is a big deal so let your visitors know across your online activity – whether that be on websites, social media or e-newsletters. 

Your website and e-news 

Once you have the jpeg image of your Star award, why not add this to your homepage so visitors see it as soon as they land on your website? You could also mention it within your ‘about us’ section. And, if you send out an enewsletter, you could add it to the banner or footer of the email. Something else to consider is adding it to your auto signature on all emails being sent by your business. 

Social media 

Share your award with your social media followers and do it regularly so you keep it front of mind. It could be something as simple as: 

'Take some time for yourself and visit our 4 Star accommodation where you’ll find quality guaranteed.'

'Bring your family along to our 5 Star attraction and you can expect exceptional customer service and high-quality facilities – the perfect day out.'

And why not add your award to the ‘about section’ on both your Facebook page, your Instagram profile, or your Twitter bio?


When customers are looking for somewhere to go or somewhere to stay, they will often include the word ‘best’ in their search term or include the number of Stars they are looking for. 

Take a look at your search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure you’re using key words and phrases your visitors will enter into a search engine when searching for a holiday or experience, to ensure you rank highly. Check out our beginner’s guide to SEO for more hints and tips. 

Your QA award will appear automatically alongside your listing and customers can search QA accredited businesses easily through the site. In fact, QA business listings are, on average, 2.5 times more likely to receive visitor referrals than those of non QA-members. 

More generally, QA Stars shown alongside online reviews give visitors a balance of objective and subjective views to assist in their decision making and help set their expectations accurately.   


It’s not just about your visitors. When people are looking at their career choices, they often want to work for the best. Showing that you care about the standards within your business will show potential employees that you’re a good place to work. Include your Star award and desire for quality within your recruitment activity. 

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