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What must your business provide to achieve a Star rating?

Over and above the quality of your property, there are a number of requirements that you must meet to achieve a Star rating at any level.

This page details the minimum entry requirements that must be achieved for your business to be considered for a Star rating. Additional requirements for higher star ratings are shown where applicable. 

1. Overall standards

2. Service and efficiency/hospitality and friendliness

3. Guest meals

4. Bedrooms

5. Bathrooms

6. Public areas

7. Annexes

8. Dispensations

Dispensations for certain individual requirements within the quality standards may be given as long as all the remaining requirements are met and quality levels for that grade are exceeded.


9. How we score quality

Read about how we for score the quality of a small serviced accommodation business. You can also browse the different areas and elements that are scored.

Browse our scoring criteria for a Star rating
A couple enjoy breakfast in the window at Nithbank Country Estate, Dumfries and Galloway