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How do we determine your Star rating?

The Quality Assurance Grading Visit comprises of an assessment of the quality of the park. 

There are two main aspects which are assessed: 

  • the appropriate levels of quality must score in line with the Star rating awarded
  • all minimum entry requirements need to be in place

1. What do the Star ratings mean?

Our Star ratings are represented by 1 to 5 stars

  • 5 Star - reflects an exceptional standard, with an overall percentage score of 87% to 100%
  • 4 Star - reflects an excellent standard, with an overall percentage score of 75% to 86%
  • 3 Star - reflects a very good standard, with an overall percentage score of 60% to 74%
  • 2 Star - reflects a good standard, with an overall percentage score of 48% to 59%
  • 1 Star - reflects an acceptable standard, with an overall percentage score of 34% to 47%

2. How we score quality

A potential 77 elements are assessed depending on the nature of the business.  A score from 0 to 5 is awarded for each element. This will result in an overall percentage score that will place your establishment within one of the five grading bands. 

However, it is not simply the overall percentage that determines the final award.

If any of the 77 potential elements assessed scores zero this will result in no award being confirmed. Please note, where any element is not applicable, no assessment will be made. There will be no penalty for not providing any of these facilities or services.

The park must score a minimum of three in any element relating to cleanliness for an award to be confirmed.

Cleanliness is an area of paramount importance and must be of a standard at least equal to the park's overall percentage Star rating band.

Excluding cleanliness, no area is to be more than one Star rating band below the overall award. For example, were "toilets and washing facilities" scoring in the 3 Star band? But all other areas were scoring in the 5 Star band? Then a 4 Star rating would be confirmed.


The minimum percentage scores required for each Star rating are shown in the following table.

  1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
Overall 34% 48% 60% 75% 87%
Cleanliness 60% 60% 60% 75% 87%
All other areas 34% 34% 48% 60% 75%

Park operators should be aware that the internal aspects of their letting fleet are not areas of assessment. Hence they are not included in the overall calculation of an award. However, operators should ensure their letting fleets meet minimum entry requirements and inventory. The assessor will require access to a sample of the fleet to confirm minimum standards, including cleanliness, are met.

3. Areas and elements scored

4. Minimum entry requirements for a Star rating

Read our detailed minimum entry requirements to be considered for a Star rating as a camping or caravan park  business. You can also browse additional requirements for higher Star ratings where applicable.

Browse the minimum entry requirements for a Star rating
The caravan and campsite at Braewick, Mainland, Shetland