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Inclusion - making holidays accessible to everyone

Scotland is a naturally welcoming destination – a fact we’re incredibly proud of. Inclusive tourism ensures that all visitors can have a great experience without barriers.

We run several programmes that advise and support for inclusive practices which benefit the widest range of customers possible, as well as the businesses that cater for them. Here you will find  statistics on the inclusive tourism market and tools to help you improve your information provision, customer service and connect with new customers.  

A family enjoy a day out to Craik Forest
A family enjoy a day out to Craik Forest
Image credit VisitScotland / Luigi Di Pasquale

Benefits of inclusive tourism

  • Customer satisfaction

    Becoming more inclusive can make life easier for a wide range of customers, including people with hearing loss, mental or visual impairments, wheelchair users, senior travellers and families with young children

  • Increased revenue

    Disabled travellers and senior travellers spend significantly more when they go on holiday than other market groups 

  • Increased loyalty

    Inclusive businesses have higher occupancy rates and a more loyal customer base who is keen to recommend them to their family and friends

  • A growing market

    The market is set to increase as the UK’s population ages and the benefits for businesses and destinations catering for inclusive tourism are growing

Marina DiDuca

Inclusive Tourism Manager

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