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Easily calculate your emissions in our workbook

Before you can reduce your carbon emissions, it's vital to know where you are currently. A good understanding of your emissions will help you know where to focus your efforts. This will put you ahead of any future requirements for emissions reporting.

Download our climate action workbook and start to record your data to build a picture of your current carbon footprint.

Don’t worry you won’t have to do complex math or formulas. You just need to collect all your information in one place and enter it in the relevant columns. Once you know where you stand you can update it annually to see how your emissions are reducing over time.

Measure your free emissions and record your actions

This free climate action workbook gives you the tools to easily measure your business emissions and select actions to reduce them over time. You can track up to three years of data and pick the actions that work best for your business – from free, quick-wins to longer term investments.


Climate action plan

        Please read our privacy notice before proceeding. If you are unable to download the tool or wish to receive a copy without registering your details, you can email

        How to use our workbook

        • Choose your reporting period

          The workbook has space for four years’ worth of data. You can decide your own twelve-month reporting period, but we recommend using financial years.

          For the four year period, year one is a look back and the next three years are where your climate actions will be in effect.

          For a new business with less than twelve months under their belt, you can build up a picture of your carbon emissions thus far and will have four years of emissions with an extra year for climate action.

          This makes it easier to integrate carbon reporting alongside your annual tax and business reporting with your accounts.

        • Record what data you can

          The workbook takes you through three main categories: energy, business transport, and waste.

          To get the most accurate estimate of your emissions, fill these out as thoroughly as possible. But don’t worry if you don’t have all the information to hand. You can always come back to it later and update it at any time.

          Read our methodology statement for more information on how our workbook converts your data.

        • View your emission results

          Your personalised results dashboard shows your total estimated emissions from what you have entered. This is a snapshot of the carbon footprint of your business.

          From your dashboard, you’ll be able to see where your emissions come from and how you can start to act. This will help you to decide where to focus your efforts when starting your path to net zero.

          Over time, you should start to become more accurate and more knowledgeable of your emission sources. Remember, practice makes perfect.

        • Start to take climate action

          Get started with six climate actions to help you reduce your impact.

          View our quick guide.

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