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Guest illness

In the event that a guest develops symptoms, they are advised to isolate and avoid contact with other people.

To make your guests feel extra looked after, you could:

  • Provide fluids like water to keep them hydrated
  • Ensure that they get plenty of rest
  • Advise them to wear loose, comfortable clothing - without getting too cold
  • Provide them with over-the-counter medication like paracetamol - always follow the manufacturer's instructions

Once guests no longer have a high temperature or feel better, they can stop their voluntary isolation.

For a complete list of symptoms and full coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance, please refer to NHS Inform.


Scottish Government updates 

All coronavirus (COVID-19) rules and restrictions have been lifted in Scotland, but the virus has not gone away. 

You can voluntarily take action to help protect yourself, your staff and your visitors. Together, these actions help reduce the risk and make it safer for everyone:

  • Organise activities or arrange your business activity outside where possible
  • When indoors, open windows to let fresh air in
  • If you can, try and keep some distance between people from different households
  • Where appropriate, wear a face covering or install Perspex screens
  • Wash your hands regularly, and cover your nose and mouth if coughing or sneezing
  • Maintain good surface hygiene by cleaning regularly
  • Explore hybrid and flexible working practices for yourself and your staff where appropriate

Check out the full guidance from the Scottish Government.


Travel restrictions

There are currently no travel restrictions for visitors to and from Scotland.

Please note that new coronavirus (COVID-19) travel rules in Scotland, or any other country, may be brought in at short notice.

You should always check the latest advice for each country you’re planning to travel to before booking your trip and before you go.


Guidance for businesses and workplaces

How you continue to provide a safe environment for your customers and staff is important. Although legal coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions have been lifted, employers must continue to manage the risk of transmission of the virus in their workplace.

There is no legal requirement to wear face coverings in most indoor public spaces and on public transport. It is strongly recommended that face coverings continue to be worn where appropriate – including in indoor crowded spaces and on public transport.

Guidance for businesses and workplaces provides advice on steps you can take to help reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace to create a safer environment for all.

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