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23 Apr

How to start a business: the basics

23 Apr 2024 18:00
23 Apr 2024 20:00
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Whatever your reasons may be for considering being your own boss, this webinar will help you decide if this is the right path for you. Helping you consider your plans from exploring your potential customers to looking at the key activities and costs involved.

This webinar will cover:

  • personal finance planning – how much do you need to earn?
  • researching your market – who your customers are, understanding your competition and what the trends are within your chosen field
  • business structure – what are the core business structures? How to decide which is right for you and how to register as a business
  • creating your start-up action plan – an outline
  • marketing
  • pricing
  • naming the business
  • basic bookkeeping
  • forecasting
  • financing, banking, insurance, and VAT
  • tax

Attendees will be provided with a pdf copy of the slides and a workbook to complete.

This webinar will be held on GoToMeeting.

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