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26 Apr

Managing the growth of your small business

26 Apr 2024 10:00
26 Apr 2024 11:00
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Starting a venture is one thing, growing it is another. Scaling effectively can be one of the most challenging aspects, with mis-managed growth often leading to downfall after so much time, effort and money has been invested. So if you are a business owner that has started to see growth, this webinar will help you to gain more creative, time and financial freedom as your venture transitions to offer greater reach and impact.

This session will look at the principles of growth and:

  • the distinction between self-employment and business ownership
  • identifying and implementing optimal systems for record-keeping, decision-making, monitoring and evaluation
  • devising a range of risk-management processes to better manage business functions and the people involved
  • how to hire to enable and enhance expansion
  • improving workflow and project management
  • licensing, franchising, acquiring another venture

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