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10 Jun

Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) for small businesses

10 Jun 2024 10:00
10 Jun 2024 12:00
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You’ve heard of artificial intelligence, but do you know how it can help you as you run your business?

This practical webinar will explore how AI can help revolutionise your business marketing to be more efficient and cost-effective, through the automatic creation of content for all your digital platforms. It will also help you better understand your customers and business opportunities.

This webinar will include:

  • what artificial intelligence is
  • current AI tools and systems to use right now (including chatGPT and MidJourney)
  • automating digital content for blogs and social media
  • using AI for business strategy and customer profiling
  • the pros and cons of AI for small businesses

This webinar will help you understand how you can integrate AI into your existing marketing, looking at the potential consequences (good and bad) of artificial intelligence, and its impact on small businesses and their customers.

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