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08 May

Cashflow management for your small business

08 May 2024 14:00
08 May 2024 17:00
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This webinar has been designed for small business owners, in order to help them with their short-term cash preservation and cashflow, as well as helping to prepare your business for the future.

You'll learn about managing your short-term cashflow and preparing your business for the future, with effective cashflow forecasting and planning to put your business in the best position possible.

This webinar consists of three secions:

Financial assessment and review

  • reviewing cashflow forecasts
  • capital expenditure
  • working capital
  • sales forecasting
  • expenditure (variable and fixed) forecasting
  • actual versus forecast analysis

Financial management:

  • timely financial reporting
  • managing reduction in overheads
  • inventory (stock) management
  • managing debtor lists
  • managing creditor lists

Financial support:

  • alternative revenue streams
  • maintaining and meeting tax obligations
  • assessing financing options
  • applying for government support
  • bank services

Please note:

The breaks have been designed to coincide with a change in the webinar's focus area within the subject of cashflow management. You can attend all three sections using the same link, or choose the parts that suit your needs.

The webinar may be recorded, however, having your camera and microphone on is optional.

Claim your free small business health check:

By attending this webinar, you will also be eligible for a free "small business health check" and a further 12 hours of free business support in the form of one-to-one advice or further webinars/training. As part of the health check, you will be talked through any possible funding or access to finance or grant opportunities that may be available to you too.

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