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24 Apr

How to improve your Google search rankings - part 2: off-page optimisation & technical considerations

24 Apr 2024 14:00
24 Apr 2024 16:00
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Join this webinar as we take a further, more detailed look at how the Google search engines indexes, and ranks websites based on a number of external (off-page) and technical factors. Implementing this learning will increase your chances of customers discovering your business through Google - the world’s leading research tool.

This webinar will cover:

  • how to block or control what websites are allowed to "index"
  • the importance of a fast loading mobile website
  • how security and usability influence Google
  • what "off-page" optimisation means, and tactics to generate back-links
  • The importance of local SEO, and why a "Google Business Profile" is vital

Please note that while this webinar is considered a "follow on" to the webinar titled "How to improve your Google Search Rankings - part 1: on-page optimisation", it is not required that you have already attended this session. These two webinars can be taken in any order (or independently), and each focusses on different aspects of SEO.