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25 Jul

Marketing for your small business

25 Jul 2024 13:00
25 Jul 2024 16:00
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Without proper marketing your business cannot have a lasting impact. This live webinar will help you to identify, profile and gain a deeper understanding of your target audiences, how to conduct market research and build a marketing plan. It will also explain brand development and positioning, and choosing your price points.

The webinar is divided into three sessions.

Marketing and market research:

  • what is marketing?
  • how to understand your audience using market research

Understanding your customers and competition:

  • understanding your competitors
  • identifying your customers and categorising them
  • understanding your customers’ needs and motivations

Marketing planning, pricing and branding:

  • pricing considerations
  • developing your brand
  • developing your message
  • deciding on the best marketing methods for your business
  • budgeting and evaluating

Breaks are provided between the sessions. You can attend all three using the same link, or choose the parts that suit your needs.

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