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25 Jul

Finding, keeping, and looking after your staff

25 Jul 2024 13:00
25 Jul 2024 15:00
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One of the most daunting challenges a business can face is the process of hiring employees, interviewing, payroll, pensions, contracts, remote working and more, it is a minefield for the business owner.

This webinar will allow you to have the key information in your possession to take on staff and manage your team.

Topics covered:

  • recruiting, managing, and retaining staff
  • attracting and recruiting the best and right people for our business
  • our obligations as employers
  • managing people to stay with us
  • moving on
  • dismissal
  • restructure / redundancy

This webinar will also look at:

  • how in the current climate you can manage staff and teams in a remote environment, considering their productivity, efficiency, and the issues of home working
  • how you can best manage staff to ensure productivity is kept and mental health is supported
  • the impact of companies who may be considering restructuring and therefore redundancy for the first time and how that can be managed

This webinar will be held on GoToMeeting.

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