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The latest research into our international markets and how COVID-19 is impacting plans to visit Scotland

Explore below feedback from our international marketing teams and insight from the latest social listening.

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Market intelligence update: Europe

Social listening update: Europe

Market intelligence update: Australia, Canada, China and USA


Market intelligence update: Europe

The latest marketing insights from Europe gathered by our VisitScotland marketing teams. 

Domestic travel and cross-border movement within Europe is underway. With UK quarantine restrictions being lifted, more and more air and ferry routes are returning, and leisure tours are confirmed. An increased number of cases in various locations around Europe means those countries that are exempt from quarantine is changing frequently. 

Find full details of quarantine rules and information on the process for people entering the UK, including the current list of quarantine exempt countries and territories.

Social listening update: Europe

Our insights team uses 'social listening' as a tool for research. Put simply, it's about gathering data on specific topics from online conversations, to allow us to capture first-hand insights from visitors and potential visitors to Scotland.

We use a social listening tool, Brandwatch, to identify, capture and categorise high volumes of information.

Market intelligence update: Australia, Canada, China and USA

The latest marketing insights from Australia, Canada, China and the USA gathered from our VisitScotland marketing teams. 

Australia is included in the Government air bridge list and it is now possible to travel to Scotland from the UAE and Qatar without having to quarantine on arrival making this route into the UK from Australia or direct from the Middle East more appealing to travellers.  

In East Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore will delay plans to put their travel bubble into action until 2021, as HK sees a new outbreak of coronavirus whilst Singapore cases decline.  

Over the past week, the Western Pacific Region recorded a continued increase of cases, a 9% increase compared to the previous week, but the pattern of trends varies with Japan and Republic of Korea reporting an increase in cases and China, Singapore, the Philippines and others reporting a decreasing number of cases.  

In the US, COVID-19 case numbers remain high and the US Government continues to have a level three travel advisory to the United Kingdom in place where it advises US citizens to ‘reconsider travel’ to the United Kingdom due to COVID-19.