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Latest research into the UK and Ireland markets and how COVID-19 is impacting plans to visit Scotland

Explore below UK consumer research undertaken since March 2020, feedback from our marketing teams and insights from the latest social listening.

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COVID-19 consumer sentiment tracker

The national tourist boards within Great Britain have commissioned some tracking research to measure UK residents' holiday intentions now that coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are starting to be lifted. 

The tracking will be in place from the end of May until the middle of August 2020 with high level reports appearing on a weekly basis to track any movements in consumer behaviour. 

Latest reports - UK and Scotland

Market intelligence update

The latest round up of UK and Ireland market intelligence from our VisitScotland marketing teams. 

Social listening update

Our insights team uses 'social listening' as a tool for research. Put simply, it's about gathering data on specific topics from online conversations, to allow us to capture first-hand insights from visitors and potential visitors to Scotland.

We use a social listening tool, Brandwatch, to identify, capture and categorise high volumes of information.

Exploring social listening in detail

These are challenging times for everyone and, as the COVID-19 lockdown continues to impact travel plans, we’ve seen holidaymakers’ intentions to travel, and to holiday abroad or locally, adapt in response to an ever-changing situation.

Using social listening, we looked at holiday intentions during May to build a picture of visitors’ desires, concerns and preferences, allowing us to inform tourism activities in the post-COVID-19 world and help the tourism industry.