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Latest research into the UK and Ireland markets and how COVID-19 is impacting plans to visit Scotland

Explore UK consumer research undertaken since March 2020 to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UK consumer sentiment and intentions tracker

The national tourist boards within Great Britain have commissioned tracking research to measure UK residents' holiday intentions. 

The original tracking was in place from the end of May 2020 to the end of August 2021. Due to the ongoing  requirement to understand consumer intentions, additional tracking will take place during November 2021 to May 2022. From November 2021, UK level reports will be available monthly with a Scotland specific report being available every 10-12 weeks. 

Topics this research covers:

Consumer confidence

Holiday intentions

Trips taken

Planned trips

Latest reports

Scotland residents' views

In addition to measuring UK residents holiday behaviours during the pandemic, we have also undertaken focused research with Scotland residents. We have examined their behaviours and attitudes and looked at differences by their loyalty to holidaying in Scotland and life stage.

The research was commissioned by VisitScotland in June 2021 and carried out by 56 Degrees Insight. The study focused on an online survey based on a representative sample of Scotland residents. The June fieldwork was undertaken between 1 and 8 June 2021 and 1,007 respondents completed the questionnaire.

Latest topic paper

  • UK segments during the COVID-19 pandemic

    During the pandemic, it has become clear that the factors that previously identified key segments for Scottish tourism are being affected by the current COVID-19 situation. 

    As part of the joint UK Consumer Sentiment Tracking (VisitScotland, VisitEngland and Visit Wales), some new segments have been developed to help the tourism industry to understand consumer attitudes and behaviour towards travel and leisure during the current crisis.

    UK segments during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Published February 2021

    Updated topic paper

The visitor experience in Scotland between July and December 2020

An online survey was conducted in January 2021 with VisitScotland customers from the UK and Ireland market, to explore their travel decisionmaking and behaviour in 2020, and holiday intention in the near future.  This audience received marketing communications from VisitScotland, used the website or engaged with VisitScotland via another channel.  Many are loyal and repeat visitors to Scotland. Please note due to the sampling, the findings do not represent a nationally representative sample of all holiday takers in Scotland during 2020.

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