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Overview of our target segments

  • We use a segmentation model at VisitScotland to help optimise marketing spend and target communications at the right consumers within the UK.
  • Read a summary of our five target segments and download further detail on each.

Our target segments

Understanding customers in depth means we can ensure marketing campaigns reach consumers in the best way. Our segment model is based on a behavioural approach. It's based on people’s holiday motivations and behaviours and attitudes towards Scotland as a holiday destination.

  • Adventure seekers

    Adventure seekers want an active holiday where they will be engaged by

    • packing in as much as possible to their break
    • trying new things and pushing their limits 

    Holidays will really energise them. Adventure seekers will enjoy holidays both off the beaten track and in urban settings. They are typically energetic, sociable, career minded individuals.

    Adventure seekers

    Published June 2023

  • Curious travellers

    Curious travellers like to live life to the full and enjoy traveling as a hobby. They have an overwhelming desire to explore new destinations and discover new things.

    A holiday will often broaden their minds, educate and revitalise them. They are typically free spirits who enjoy living life to the full. Their love of travelling may have come from experiences in their youth.

    Curious travellers

    Published June 2023

  • Engaged sightseers

    A love of holidays drives engaged sightseers to plan many breaks in a year. They enjoy general sightseeing and touring, taking in historical places as well as scenery and nature.

    They relish engaging with friendly locals and seeking out authentic experiences. They are typically down to earth individuals who may be quite "traditional" in their outlook and fairly settled in their lifestyles.

    Engaged sightseers

    Published June 2023

  • Food-loving culturalists

    Food-loving culturalists will seek out a relaxing holiday experience where they can enjoy engaging in cultural experiences accompanied by great food and drink.

    They enjoy short breaks in the UK and will recommend quality experiences when their host has gone the "extra mile".They like to be seen to be influential amongst their friends and are typically professional, career minded, and discerning individuals.

    Food-loving culturalists

    Published June 2023

  • Natural advocates

    Natural advocates are passionate about Scotland as it offers everything they want from a holiday

    • breath-taking scenery
    • a connection with nature
    • the chance to get away from it all

    A holiday in Scotland will help them to unwind, recharge and enjoy quiet time. Natural advocates are typically more introverted individuals who value peace and quiet.

    Confident in themselves and what they want out of life, natural advocates do not follow the crowds.

    Natural advocates

    Published June 2023

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