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  • Scotland has a wealth of TV programmes, films, and books which are set in Scotland or have links to Scotland in some way.
  • Stories play a role in inspiring visitors to come to Scotland. Often, they act as a prompt to visit, particularly for European and long-haul markets.
  • In Scotland, visitors may take part in specific TV, film or literary related activities which form part of the visitor experience.
  • We have gathered relevant insights within our topic papers. We have also signposted to key insights within different research studies.

1. What is screen and literature tourism?

Screen tourism is when a visitor wants to go to a particular location because it has a connection to a certain film or TV series. This is similar to literary tourism, where a place attracts people because it has become associated with an author or a place within their work.

Screen tourism is known by many other names, among which film tourism, set-setting, and film-induced tourism. But at its heart, it's always about providing a visitor with a personal experience of a place they're familiar with through film or TV.

Stories are intertwined through the fabric of Scotland, its landscape, heritage, culture and people. These have contributed and inspired writers to chronicle real events or weave myths and create legends. And they are at the heart of the tourism experience.

The use of stories by destinations and tourism businesses does increasingly:

  • attract people’s attention
  • create an emotional connection
  • make destinations stand out in a sea of content and advertising

2. The value of screen and literature tourism


overnight screen tourists in 2019*

£64.9 million

visitor expenditure for Scottish businesses as a result of screen tourism activities*


of UK adults believe Scotland is a nation known for its film and TV locations**


of UK adults believe Scotland is a nation known for its well-known poets, authors and writers**

Source: * Screen Scotland ** YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2,343 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 13 - 14 July 2022. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+)

3. Screen and literature tourism insights

  • The value of Scotland’s film and TV industries

    Screen Scotland published comprehensive studies of the value of Scotland’s film and TV industries. 

    You can read about the economic value of screen sector in Scotland on the Screen Scotland website.

  • The importance of Storytelling in tourism

    Understand more about the importance of storytelling, in all its forms and the experiences Scotland has to offer.

    Soul seeking in a destination – the importance of storytelling in tourism

    Published February 2022

  • Outlander effect and tourism

    Read about the appeal of screen tourism. This includes how we can look at the impact of the popular Outlander TV series, adapted from author Diana Gabaldon’s novels, on Scottish tourism. This industry focused research also provides top tips to capitalise on the Outlander effect.

    The Outlander Effect & Tourism

    Published June 2022

    Industry focused research providing you with top tips to capitalise on the Outlander Effect

  • Film and TV – Visitor Survey extract 2015 – 2016

    Read about the TV programmes, movies, and books set in Scotland that influence people to visit. Think of works such as Outlander, Braveheart, and Harry Potter.

    Film and TV - Visitor Survey extract 2015 - 2016

    Published January 2017

4. Set in Scotland film guide

Our "Set in Scotland guide" launched on 4 November 2022 with help from Scottish acting legend, James Cosmo. It features more than 150 films which were shot entirely or partially in Scotland, and details more than 100 film locations. That's 46 more than the previous version published in 2016.

The guide is available across our iCentres or you can download it online.

Read more about the launch of the guide.

Browse our Set in Scotland guide

5. How can businesses get involved?

  • Identify the opportunities

    Are you near a location used in a famous film, or a place connected to an author of a popular book? Take a look at our Set in Scotland guide and do some research to discover local opportunities.

  • Set up events

    Look out for related events to share or get involved with, such as local film or literary festivals.  Maybe you can create your own?

  • Work together

    Can you collaborate with local businesses to package up a related / themed tourism experience linked to film or book locations in the area?

  • Do some networking

    Join your local industry private Facebook group to share ideas, ask for suggestions or collaborators on the related topic!

  • Get involved online

    Take advantage of other occasions, e.g.

      • Book Week Scotland
      • World Outlander Day
      • St Andrews Day

    Or you could research some film and literary fan sites. Don't forget to use the correct hashtags when posting about any related opportunities online.

6. Additional TV and film research resources

7. Useful contacts

Jenni Steele

Film & Creative Industries Manager

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