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Braveheart to Outlander

Scotland has a particularly rich heritage of stories and storytelling - inspiring captivating scenery on camera and powerful imagery of prose.  

Learn more about how literature, TV and film influence and entice visitors to Scotland.

From scroll to screen

Understand more about the importance of storytelling, in all its forms, on the experiences Scotland has to offer.

Soul seeking in a destination – the importance of storytelling in tourism

Published September 2021

Outlander Effect and Tourism

Read about the appeal of screen or film tourism and how we can look at the impact of Diana Gabaldon’s popular Outlander TV series on Scottish tourism.

The Outlander Effect & Tourism

Published February 2020

Industry focused research providing you with top tips to capitalise on the Outlander Effect

Film and TV

Read about the TV programmes, movies, films and books set in Scotland that influence people to visit, including Outlander, Braveheart and Harry Potter.

Film and TV - Visitor Survey extract 2015 - 2016

Published January 2017

Additional research on film and TV