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  • Scotland’s heritage and cultural landscape is a strong draw for visitors. Scotland’s historic and cultural icons are strong and distinctive. They are often top of mind for visitors, particularly for those people who don’t live in Scotland
  • In this section, we have explored the interest in the Scottish Gaelic language through our research

1. Interest in the Gaelic language

The Gaelic community has supplied Scotland with many of the country’s national icons, including the kilt, ceilidhs and tartan.

The Gaelic language dates back centuries. It's the founding language of Scotland, associated with a rich heritage of music, folklore and culture.

  • Consumer interest in Gaelic language

    In 2016, we found that 34% of visitors were interested to find out about the Gaelic language or it had enhanced their visit. Interest was highest for international and first time visitors. (Source: Scotland Visitor Survey 2015/2016).

    In 2023, we will again be asking our visitors about the Gaelic language and culture as we conduct the new visitor survey.

  • website content

    In 2021, we investigated the behaviour of website users who had viewed Gaelic content on

    We found that four in five users were from outside the UK, particularly from the USA and Germany.

    The lure of Scottish Gaelic

    Published June 2021

    Insight on Gaelic related content performance of and its users engagement.

  • Research with Scottish tourism businesses

    In 2019, we conducted research with a targeted small sample of tourism businesses. These businesses, we understood, were using the Gaelic language within their business.

    We wanted to identify where increased support or information would be useful.

    53% of the sample were very interested in using Gaelic culture to develop their visitor offer.

    Research with Scottish businesses using the Gaelic language

    Published June 2021

    Insight into business use of Gaelic and to identify where increased support or information would help businesses.

2. Additional research resources

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