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On this page you will find two key pieces of research:

  • Our insights paper on wellness tourism that explores opportunities and ideas connected to wellness trends.
  • Our topic paper on the role of wellness in the visitor experience that explores how this trend can influence Scotland’s tourism offering.

The role of wellness in the visitor experience

Published May 2019

Research in 2019 with a sample of UK adults explored the appeal of wellness tourism and perceptions around wellness holidays.

1. What is wellness tourism?

Wellness tourism is interesting because it has different connotations for different people. It is often described as travel that allows people to improve their physical or mental wellbeing.

For some, it may be the primary reason for their holiday or short break like a focused yoga retreat or spa break. Others may take part in outdoor or creative activities to improve their wellbeing as part of their holiday experience.

Many visitors from the UK and Ireland market were motivated to visit Scotland because they were looking for an escape, to get away from it all or to connect with nature. We see that escapism and de-stressing are seen as one of the key benefits of taking a holiday in Scotland.

Insight innovation: wellness tourism

Published April 2021

Read our PDF with wellness trends.

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