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  • Scotland is legendary for a wide range of world class activities from water sports to walking, cycling, and adventure.
  • We have explored several themes within our topic papers on adaptable adventure, astro tourism and walking.

1. Adaptable adventure

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the desire for outdoor activities was strengthened. This is because people became more active in their local areas or were looking for alternative ways of staying healthy and fit. At this time, we explored adaptable adventure trends.

Adaptable adventure insights paper

Published May 2021

2. Dark skies and astro tourism

Scotland is recognised as a world class dark skies tourism destination. In our topic paper we explored the opportunities for tourism businesses.

Dark skies & astro tourism

Published May 2019

3. Walking

In our topic paper, we explore the statistics on walking trips to Scotland from the Great Britain Tourism Survey, Great Britain Day Visitor Survey. Due to changes to these surveys during the COVID-19 pandemic, further data analysis is under review.

Walking tourism in Scotland paper

Published June 2017

4. UK consumer segments

We use a segmentation model at VisitScotland to help optimise our marketing spend. You can explore our UK consumer segmentation including the "adventure seekers".

Explore our target UK consumer segments

5. Additional research resources

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