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Article published 03/04/2024

Raising awareness of Scotland through influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular ways for organisations and businesses to gain exposure online.

It can help you to reach new and larger audiences, build trusted reviews and bring new, exciting content to your campaigns and social media channels.

Through our influencer marketing team, we've collaborated with a number of influencers across channels including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and blogs to showcase Scotland and everything it has to offer.

To share more about our work across our marketing activity, and the impact it has had, we’ve launched a new video series called StatShot.

It helps brings to life the different elements of our work, sharing some of our success and how we're helping to grow the visitor economy. 

Check out our second video on influencer marketing and keep your eyes peeled for the next in the series coming soon.

StatShot series | influencer marketing

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