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Article published 23/05/2024

Our digital channels encourage prospective visitors to consider visiting Scotland throughout the year. These channels include, email marketing, and our social media channels.

Our consumer social media activity aims to make Scotland one of the most desired destinations in the world. We do so by reaching new audiences with engaging content they will want to share to help spread the message.

Our social posts had a reach of 19 million since the beginning of March.

Spotlight on key spring themes

Spring is the perfect time to showcase Scotland’s natural environment from coasts and waters to food and drink. These are some highlights.

Outdoor adventures

Spring is a beautiful time to encourage people back into the great outdoors. This can be witnessing the blossom in estate gardens, taking on a gentle hike, or spotting some wildlife.

Gardens, parks and sunsets across Fife, Dundee, Falkirk, West Lothian and Linlithgow were showcased during spring.

Top performing posts

A very popular reel on Instagram and Facebook that featured a stag walking into the water. This reel had a combined reach of 711,000 people with 557,000 views.

A TikTok video from @ChrisLawlor highlighted three great walks within Central Scotland that are easily accessible by public transport.

A guide for places to see puffins reached 145,000 people and got 210,000 views.

Foodie delights

Our food and drink related posts reached people 2.2 million times during spring, making it one of the most popular themes for us.

Many of our posts tag several different businesses from around Scotland, reaching a wide audience interested in different areas of Scotland.

Top performing posts

One of the most popular posts with just over 5,000 saves is about five café spots in Scotland.

View our "five café spots in Scotland" post on  

Crail Harbour was also showcased in a separate post with over 7,000 likes.

Top tips for tourism businesses

  • Implement these quick wins

    Look to see what posts on Instagram have a high number of saves and create similar posts.

    Showcase your business in the current season.

    Use the @mention sticker to mention other businesses to tie into other themes.

  • Collaborate with others

    By tagging each other you can promote your business to each other’s audience.

    For example, if you’re an accommodation business, in an Instagram story you could show your business. Next, tag nearby places to eat or things to do, and mention these are nearby by using the location sticker.

    The businesses tagged could then share this story on their channel, showcasing your business to their audience.

More spring themes on social

  • Island-hopping

    Mull, Arran and the Isle of Lewis featured on our social channels this spring, with @thechaoticscot documenting a car-free journey to the island of Arran.

  • Cultural festivals

    World Poetry Day was celebrated with a post highlighting the beauty of the Scott Monument in Edinburgh.

  • Farm retreats

    Highland coos frequent our channels on a weekly basis. But we also showcased an opportunity to get up close and personal with them on a dedicated trailer tour.

  • Great Days Out

    To highlight the many destinations accessible from the A9, an Edinburgh to Inverness “road trip stops” post was shared helping to encourage slow travel.

  • Film and TV

    The Netflix show One Day was filmed and set in Edinburgh, with the locations being a great motivator to explore more of the city.

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