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Article published 22/05/2024

Our influencer activity is informed by our marketing calendar, which sets out our seasonal themes and key messages.

It helps us identify opportunities to integrate influencer activity seamlessly with marketing on our owned channels, such as our website and social media.

This approach ensures a cohesive and impactful presentation of Scotland across all platforms. The result is maximising engagement and resonance with our audience.

You can discover what we're looking for in a tourism offering at each time of the year with our marketing calendar.

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Why we choose to collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing helps us to achieve amplified reach and heightened visibility across social platforms. This helps to solidify Scotland as a travel destination in the hearts and minds of global travellers.

Reasons why we collaborate with influencers

  • Authentic storytelling

    Influencers can deliver authentic storytelling directly to highly engaged audiences. They offer a genuine and relatable perspective on Scotland's diverse attractions and experiences.

  • New and niche audiences

    Access to new and niche audiences. This expands our reach beyond traditional marketing channels.

  • Direct industry support

    Influencers can also provide direct industry support, leveraging their expertise and networks. This enhances our visibility and credibility within the travel and tourism sector.

  • Tailored content

    Influencers create content tailored to specific social channels and demographics. This helps us achieve our marketing goals, driving engagement with our posts and interest in Scotland as a travel destination.

  • Credibility

    Influencer collaborations also generate social proof. This helps to validate Scotland's appeal and fosters trust among potential visitors.

  • Added content

    Influencers produce written content for our website. This enriches our digital presence and drives organic traffic to

How we select influencers

When selecting influencers to collaborate with, we employ a thorough process guided by three key principles: science, synergy, and style. Through this comprehensive approach, we select influencers who can amplify our message and inspire travellers worldwide.

  • Science

    We try to identify influencers who can deliver targeted results and enhance our visibility across social platforms by:

    • scrutinising engagement rates
    • follower demographics
    • other relevant metrics

    This data-backed quantification ensures alignment with our objectives.

  • Synergy

    Brand fit and key messaging alignment are important considerations for us.

    Influencers must pass a vetting process and background checks to ensure their values and content resonate with our ethos and priorities.

    These values include sustainability, regional spread, and inclusivity.

  • Style

    Quality of content and audience sentiment are key. We assess the influencer's aesthetic, storytelling ability, and tone of voice.

    This ensures that their style complements our brand identity and resonates positively with our target audience.

Case study - Travel Two







Last year, we worked with Travel Two who met all our principal requirements for influencer content. A Hidden Gems of Edinburgh piece was created in collaboration with their Instagram channel. This combined approach resulted in an impressive reach.

Expanding how we use influencers in 2024

In 2024, our influencer activity is focused on key priorities and areas for growth to further enhance impact and reach.

  • Expanding content

    We aim to feature more influencer and creator content on, sharing real, lived experiences from first-hand perspectives.

    These provide our visitors with recommendations, experiences and tips from influencers who have visited Scotland through things like guest blogs, videos or quotes.

    This will leverage influencer partnerships to authentically showcase Scotland's attractions and experiences to our website’s users.

  • Aligning activity

    Aligning influencer activity with paid advertising campaigns is a top priority. It ensures a cohesive and integrated approach across all marketing channels.


  • Promoting responsible tourism

    We are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices through influencer collaborations. This will advocate for environmental conservation and community engagement.

  • Diversifying our portfolio

    Diversifying the portfolio of talent is essential. We seek to work with a broader range of influencers who represent diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This will allow us to reach new audiences and foster inclusivity.

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