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Article published 17/06/2024

Case study | Stirling Highland Games

We spoke with Matt McGrandles, President of the Stirling Highland Games Committee about their event which draws up to 8,000 visitors each year to the region.

Find out about how they're working with their community and what social and economic impact that has. Hear about their partnership with the tourism focused social enterprise Ceangail which supports young people by providing vocational training.

Tell us about the Stirling Highland Games?

Stirling Highland Games is an annual traditional Highland Games event held in August each year at Stirling Sports Village. As a member of the Royal Scottish Highland Games Association (RSHGA), our event is always scheduled for the third Saturday in August, this year being Saturday 17 August.

We host several traditional Highland Games competitions including Highland dancing, running, light field, heavyweights, adaptive heavyweights and The Stirling Stones, which is a strength and endurance competition exclusive to Stirling.

We also host a vibrant trader’s village with street food, craft beers and sprints bars, food and drinks producers, market traders, arts and crafters.

We also showcase some creative arts such as our heritage tours, art and photo exhibits and live performances from Stirling Gaelic Choir.

Visit the Stirling Highland Games website

Stirling Highland Games

Competitor at the Highland Games

Tell us about your partnership with Ceangail CIC?

Stirling Highland Games provides organisers Ceangail with a practical learning experience for young people. This year we're hoping to work with a group of up to 20 young people aged 16 and over.

Ceangail CIC is a social enterprise that aim to inspire young people into tourism through their vocational training opportunities. They work with businesses in the community bringing together a variety of stakeholders to provide creative solutions for young adults to learn, develop and upskill themselves.

Our event has provided a positive practical learning experience for up to 170 young people since 2014, as part of their journey toward employment or other positive destination.

Find out more about how they inspire young people into tourism

Stirling Highland Games

Girls smile for the camera during the Games

Key statistics | impact report 2023


Direct economic impact for Stirling


Jobs supported locally


Number of volunteers


Voluntary hours provided


Number of visiting countries to event


New website users reached online in 2023


Of visitors said it was the only or main reason to visit Stirling


Trees now planted to offset carbon emissions

How do you work with the local community?

Stirling Highland Games celebrates the rich tapestry of tradition, athleticism, and community spirit — the epitome of a Scottish cultural celebration.

We have a dedicated volunteer committee and group that share a passion to provide visitors with an amazing authentic cultural experience whilst delivering a professional sporting competition. Last year we had 65 volunteers engage with and support the local community.

And this year, Stirling Highland Games and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Museum have joined forces to mark a significant milestone in the history of Stirling.

Find out more about Stirling 900

View from Wallace monument

View from the Wallace Monument, Stirling

The partnership between the Stirling Highland Games and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Museum embodies the essence of our shared commitment to honouring Stirling’s heritage. We are delighted to play our part in the Stirling 900 campaign.

Matt McGrandles, President of the Stirling Highland Games Committee.

What’s the future for Stirling Highland Games?

The Stirling Highland Games committee support Ceangail’s vision to secure the land from Stirling Council so it can develop a better sports field for our Highland Games to flourish.

With this community space we would encourage athletes to attend our sports training sessions, develop their skills and offer a pathway to compete at Stirling Highland Games as well as on the Highland Games circuit.


Stirling toss event

Man tosses the caber in Kilt

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