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Article published 16/05/2024

Case study | Solsgirth Home Farm

We've been speaking to Solsgirth Home Farm, which is situated in Dollar Clackmannanshire, to hear about more about their agritourism business.

Find out how Solsgirth Home Farm are developing their business, expanding their offering to visitors. They also share their experience of attending Connect 2024 and hosting a familiarisation trip.

Tell us about Solsgirth Home Farm and where you’re located?

Solsgirth Home Farm is nestled in the picturesque countryside of Clackmannanshire, Scotland overlooked by the Ochil’s. Centrally located and within easy commute to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling, we are located near the village of Dollar.

Our farm covers approximately 360 acres of grassland and woodland, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

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Solsgirth Home farm

Solsgirth Farm and land

What do you offer visitors?

We offer visitors a variety of experiences, inviting them to immerse themselves in the beauty of rural Scotland. From guided farm tours, monthly farmers market and creative hands-on workshops.

With experiences such as spring/lambing tours, willow workshops and Christmas wreath workshops we provide unique and varied opportunities for visitors to engage with the farm throughout the year.  

We also offer diverse accommodation at Solsgirth Home Farm. With our large Farmhouse on the farm and the elegant Dower House, quirky Butler’s Flat and cozy Coachman’s Lodge at historic Solsgirth House, there is something to suit everyone. Guests have the opportunity to learn about sustainable farming practices, interact with our animals, and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Girl playing in hay

Girl plays with straw in the farm barn

What do you love about your job?

What we love most about our job is the opportunity to connect with a variety of people and share our vision for farming and sustainability. Welcoming returning visitors, whether annually or even monthly, to our events and markets adds a sense of continuity and community.

Knowing that we are playing our part in educating on sustainable farming and linking people with food is incredibly rewarding. Additionally it’s also great to see visitors enjoyment while immersing themselves in the farm’s outdoor environment.

lambs at solsgirth home farm

Family pet new lamb at farm

You’ve been working with VisitScotland recently attending Connect and a Fam Trip, tell us about that?

Working with VisitScotland has been a fantastic experience for us. We have been blown away by the enthusiasm and support from VisitScotland and their support for agritourism in Scotland. 

Attending events like Connect, showcasing Solsgirth Home Farm to a wider international audience, placing our online listings and forging valuable connections within the tourism industry has opened our eyes to all sorts of possibilities.

It was great to have a group on a familiarisation trip before Connect and getting the chance to give them a taster of what their clients can expect. Also, extremely worthwhile as they are able to share some valuable insights with us.

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Businesses attend appointments at Connect

What advice would you give to tourism businesses in the Agritourism sector?

Our advice to tourism businesses in the agritourism sector would be to stay true to your values and embrace the unique opportunities that agritourism offers. Focus on providing authentic experiences that highlight the beauty of your location and connect visitors with the land.

Collaborating with local partners and organisations to promote each other is a guaranteed way of expanding your horizons and fostering community engagement. Lastly, always strive to exceed visitor expectations, as reviews and word of mouth are what truly matter. What people say about you and your business is what shapes your reputation and ensures continued success.

highland coos

Highland Coos at Solsgirth Farm

And finally, what’s in the pipeline for 2024/25?

In the coming year, we are expanding our agritourism offerings to further enrich the visitor experience at Solsgirth Home Farm. We have plans to introduce new workshops and activities, additional accommodation options, and uphold our commitment to sustainability and community engagement throughout the farm.

We are in the process of establishing small business units to support local craft/artisan businesses with similar ethos and will be utilising one for the sale of our own produce. Our Big Barn is being equipped with an in-house catering kitchen to accommodate events such as cooking demonstrations and occasional Food & Drink markets as well as being used for our own production.

Furthermore, preparations are underway for the opening of the Ochil’s Coffee Roastery, with initial groundwork already in progress on the site.

Meat from Solsgirth

Fresh produce from Solsgirth Farm shop

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